Black tea is the most widely drunk type of tea in the UK.  It is tea that has been almost or fully oxidised during processing, to over 70%. Black tea can sometimes be known as red tea due to the colour of the tea once it has been brewed, though in Europe we tend to call it black tea because of the dark colour of the leaves. It is grown all over the world including in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and China.

Posh Earl Grey
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
A clean, crisp and refreshing Earl Grey
Breakfast Blend No.1
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
This well-rounded and balanced English Breakfast is a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Keemun black teas
Spiced Chai
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Our Spiced Chai is hand-blended using authentic ingredients, for a delicious and warming chai tea.
Turmeric & Chilli Chai
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
This chai has it all - warming spices, hot chilli and sweet honey!
Strawberry & Cream
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Deliciously sweet strawberry and cream flavours balance with the Ceylon black tea
Orange & Cranberry
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Sweet orange and tart cranberry combine with black tea to create a taste sensation.
French Vanilla
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Sweet black tea with vanilla and a floral hint of marigold
First Flush Darjeeling
£ 2.20 £ 2.20 2.2 GBP
Our First Flush Darjeeling is a fine and refreshing tea. It has the typical muscatel grape flavour but with a floral undertone and the green freshness of a first flush
Wild Rose
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
This tea looks as beautiful as it tastes. Combining sweet rose with crisp, aromatic Ceylon.