LuLin & The Environment

At LuLin we are committed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Our aim is for plastic-free sustainable packaging, which we have achieved for the majority of our products, but unfortunately this is not yet possible on all of our products (but we will change that too as soon as the packaging market catches up to us!).

The electricity that powers our Urban Tea Factory comes from renewable energy sources.  Any teas we import we do by boat to ensure the lowest carbon footprint.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Cornstarch Teabags

Our plant-based teabags are made from PLA, which is a material derived from cornstarch.  They are plastic-free, with a cotton string, paper & PLA tag and are rated for industrial composting., meaning you should pop them in your brown food/garden bin. 

Another alternative is to open them up, put the tea in your compost and the teabag in your brown bin.

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Teabag Boxes

Our boxes are made from sustainable sources from natural kraft and are recyclable.

We use an eco label on the boxes.

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Inner Bag

We use plant-based Natureflex bags for the inner bag within our boxes. They are plastic-free and certified home compostable.

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For our sample size 10g/2 teabags and 50g sizes we use the Ecopack compostable pouch together with an eco label.

We still need to work on....

The packaging for our 250g/50 teabag pouches and our 1kg/200 teabag pouches.  As for the moment they doesn't exist in a compostable material.  But we are always keeping our eyes on the packaging market and will change as soon as they become available.  In the meantime we use a foil lined kraft paper pouch for these sizes.