Tea Export, Private Label & Co-Packing

For all of your tea, blending, packing and tea bagging needs

If you have bulk export, private label or co-packing requirements we'll be happy to assist you.

Our retail packaging options are flexible and based on a MOQ can be amended to meets yours or your countries needs.  For example our packaging comes as standard in English, and we have translations also in Dutch.  If you require other languages, we can hire a translation service for you for a fee, or you can provide us with translations and we'll insert them into our packaging, replacing  our standard languages.   

We have a professional label printer in-house and can accommodate most labelling needs. 

We hand-blend our teas using only natural ingredients and natural flavours, and can bespoke blend individual teas or an entire tea range.

Teabags are made in-house, and as well as pyramid we can also make square and pillow bags.  We keep a stock of untagged material and can pack teabags starting from 1000 teabags per tea.  If you require your own tags we can arrange this for you.

Please fill out the short form below and we will get back to you to fully discuss your individual requirements.