Our Promise to You

from picking to pouring


At LuLin we think it is vital that everyone we come into contact with including farmers, tea pickers and tea packers get a fair deal. We think this should also include you, the customer.  

That is why we have thought carefully about where our teas come from, how they are processed and packaged and when and how they end up sitting in your teapot waiting to be drunk. We have written this promise to you with the assurance that it will be fulfilled every time you place an order with us.

Visiting our Suppliers

We have visited the tea gardens of all of our suppliers, and continue to visit them as often as we get chance.  To ensure everything on the gardens and with the teas are as they should be.

Good Relations

Having been working with many of our suppliers since as far back as 2006, we endeavor to both make and maintain excellent relations with all of our suppliers by ethically sourcing and fairly trading with each of them.