Tea History & Tribute Teas


During the Chinese dynasties Tang, Song, Ming and Qing tea would be offered to the Emperor as a tribute. To begin with the tribute made was done so voluntarily but soon became a compulsory act demanded by the reigning Emperor. Each Chinese Emperor had their own favourite tea and any tea delivered that did not meet the Emperor’s high standards was given to the lower court. Standards were so high that officials were sent to supervise the collection of tea. During the many years of tribute tea, tea makers frequently had to come up with innovative ways to satisfy the varying tastes of the imperial court. Chinese green tea evolved from tea cakes to loose leaf tea.

Tribute Teas can also be known as China Famous Tea. There are many lists of the Top Ten Chinese Teas. The following list is a compilation according to how often the tea appeared on each list.

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Chinese Tribute Teas

Brief History of Tea

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