XL Bio Teabags

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Why XL Bio Teabags?

There seem to be a million names for teabags these days with everything from a Temple to a Triune.  We prefer to call them simply teabags or sometimes pyramids.

They are made from plant-based material and are entirely plastic-free, so we call them Bio.

Rather than the regular size for pyramid teabags (no matter what they are called), we use a larger size of 6.5cm, making them XL. 

XL - Extra Large

Why XL?

for more space

Most teas expand when they brew, so more space gives more room for the tea to expand.

For better brewing

The more room tea has to expand the better the brew, as more of the leaf is used to make the tea.

holds more tea

For teas like chamomile, in the smaller bags you can only fit 1.5g of chamomile, while we fit 2g, which is a better quantity for a a better brew.


WHy Bio?

Plant-based material

The bag is made from PLA which is derived from cornstarch, the paper tag is also coated with PLA and the string is cotton. Meaning the whole product is plant-based.


Since the whole product is made from plant-based material you can be safe in the knowledge that it is plastic-free and won't be releasing any nasty microplastics into the environment.


These bags are rated as industrially compostable, meaning you can pop them in your brown food/garden bin.  You can also split the bag, compost the tea and put the bag in your brown bin.