Green tea is tea that has been oxidised between 5-30% during processing, meaning the leaves remain green in colour and the brewed tea is also greenish in colour.  It is linked to many health benefits and has high levels of anti-oxidants.  I tends to be milder in caffeine than black teas.  It is widely grown and drunk throughout Asia, with the most famous green teas coming from China and Japan.

Pure Green Tea
Gunpowder Green tea is hand-rolled into tightly curled balls and is often called pearl tea (Zhu Cha) in China. It has a fresh, earthy and slightly vegetal taste, and makes an excellent everyday green tea.
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Popcorn Tea
A traditional Japanese tea made from Sencha green tea and toasted rice. It has a strong grassy and toasted flavour.
£ 2.20 2.2 GBP
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Spring green tea rolled into beautiful pearls that are naturally scented with fresh jasmine petals. The pearls unravel to reveal long, juicy buds that give a light and fragrant aroma.
£ 2.20 2.2 GBP
Lemon & Lime
All natural ingredients to combine in this stunning lemon and lime green tea
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Moroccan Mint
Minty and sweet green tea with a peppermint and a touch of stevia
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Tropical Green
Light and fruity green tea with mango, pineapple and coconut
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Cherry Green
Lively and bold cherry green tea with dark and golden cherries
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP