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A traditional Japanese tea made from Sencha green tea and toasted rice. It has a strong grassy and toasted flavour.


Grassy sencha with nutty, toasted popcorn notes


Japanese sencha green tea, toasted rice

Origin: Japan


We wouldn't recommend it


Contains caffeine


Per portion (a level teaspoon)

Or 1 teabag

Ideal brewing temperature
Mins for the perfect brew

Popcorn Tea - Gen Mai Cha

Gen Mai Cha is a blend of sencha green tea with toasted rice.  It is also known as "popcorn tea" due to both the popcorn aroma and that some of the rice kernels pop to resemble mini popcorn.

When brewed it has a pale green coloured infusion, and the taste is a wonderfully balanced mix of the strong grassy Sencha and the toasted flavour of the rice.

There are a number of myths as to the first origins of this traditional Japanese tea.  One is that monks used their rice pot with rice stuck to the bottom to their make tea.  Another is simply that it is "people's tea" as rice is much cheaper than tea, the rice was added as a filler to make the tea go further and last longer.  Whatever the origin it is still popular throughout Japan and now the rest of the world, and now a renowned tea in its own right.

Available loose or in our plastic-free teabags.
Packed in the UK at our Urban Tea Factory.  

Allergy information: None of our teas contain any allergens, however some of our suppliers handle peanut, nuts (almond, hazelnut), gluten, milk, mustard, sesame, soya and sulphites

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