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Tisanes are technically not tea, as they are not made from the tea plant, and are almost exclusively caffeine-free (ours all are).  They are also known as herbal tea and infusions. The ingredients include peppermint and rooibos, and are often made from fruits, flowers, herbs or a combination, all with unique tastes, properties and health benefits.

Pure Chamomile
Pure Egyptian chamomile flowers from organic cultivation
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Pure Peppermint
Strong, minty and full flavoured peppermint from organic cultivation.
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Pure Rooibos
Natural sweetness with a nutty taste
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Fruit Compote
Late summer fruit blend with apple & raspberry
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Fruit 'n Berry
Rich berry with fruity sweetness
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Rooibos Spiced Chai
Cosy and warming caffeine-free chai
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Orange Earl Grey
Delicious, sweet and reviving caffeine-free Earl Grey
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Chocolate Cinnamon Rooibos
Guilt-free & caffeine-free dessert tea
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Three Mint
A minty explosion on the tongue
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Fruity Fresh Hibiscus
This caffeine-free tisane is tart, zesty and lively on the palate with a fruity sweetness.
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Citrus Ginger
Spicy ginger with cooling citrus and lemongrass
£ 1.80 1.8 GBP