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Bare with Us...

Or bear with us!

We're making some changes to our website, but we will be back up and running ASAP.

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The LuLin Tea Company

Tea merchant, blender, packer & manufacturer


There are 2 things that really set us apart from most other tea companies, firstly we are not a corporate giant pretending to be a small brand. Second, we don't buy our tea from big German tea blenders and pass it off as our own.  We have our own Urban Tea Factory where we blend our teas, manufacture our plastic-free teabags and pack all of our products.

Our single-estate teas we source directly from tea gardens.  We've been working with some of our tea gardens since 2006 and have a great working relationship.  Ensuring we get great tea, that is ethically and responsibly sourced, and the tea gardens get fair prices.  We use only natural ingredients and flavours and our teas are all free of sugar and free from anything artificial.

Find your Flavour!

Whether you love your tea pure, blended or naturally flavoured we have created a whole range of teas for you to explore, drink and enjoy!


bursting with flavour

Real tea, not dust, blended with the finest natural ingredients for full flavoured teas.

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There is nothing nasty hiding in our teas, just whole leaf teas, fruits, flowers, spices and in some case natural flavourings
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Our teas are all available in an array of sizes, whether loose or teabags.  Starting from the sample size of 10g or 2 teabags all the way up to 1kg and 200 teabags.

To keep things easy and clear, so you get the product you want, the loose teas have a white label and teabags have a black label

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Our Urban Tea Factory is where we make our tea magic happen.  Its where we create and blend our teas, make our teabags and pack all of our products.

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If you are a business and looking for wholesale teas for catering, retail or bulk, we have a dedicated website for trade.  

Plastic Free.

Our teabags are made from cornstarch and are ultrasonic welded.  The tags are are also coated in PLA to make them more waterproof.  We pack the majority of our products in plastic-free packaging, the only exception is the bulk sizes (unfortunately the packaging market hasn't caught up with our ethos on that one, but as soon as those sizes are available compostable we will change those too!).  Even the tape we use to seal our boxes is plastic-free.