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Gunpowder Green tea is hand-rolled into tightly curled balls and is often called pearl tea (Zhu Cha) in China. It has a fresh, earthy and slightly vegetal taste, and makes an excellent everyday green tea.


Fresh, green, earthy and slightly smoky


Gunpowder Green Tea

Origin: China


We wouldn't recommend it


Contains caffeine


Per Portion (a level teaspoon)

Or 1 teabag

Ideal brewing temperature

Mins for the perfect brew

Pure green tea

 Our Pure Green Tea offers a full-bodied cup with a deep earthy flavour and a hint of smokiness and has a smooth feel in the mouth. The leaves are picked from larger leaves later in Spring and the tight roll of the leaves makes the leaves themselves more robust and helps the tea to retain flavour and aroma for much longer than for many other green teas.  Its robustness combined with its compact size, it is one of the reasons for its huge popularity all over the world.

From the Hanzhou region of the beautiful, hilly province of Zhejiang on the East coast of China.  This tightly rolled tea, Zhu Cha in Chinese, is called Gunpowder in English for its resemblance to gunpowder pellets.  Gunpowder green tea is widely consumed throughout the Middle East, and is often drunk together with mint and sugar which is then usually referred to as Moroccan Mint.

Available loose leaf or in our XL bio teabags.
Packed in the UK at our Urban Tea Factory.  

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Allergy information: None of our teas contain any allergens, however some of our suppliers handle peanut, nuts (almond, hazelnut), gluten, milk, mustard, sesame, soya and sulphites

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