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  • When we met the Fabulous Baker Brothers

    As you know, we’ve been doing lots of shows lately and we’ve been busy busy busy (the reason for the lack of blog posts!). But this weekend was pretty cool so I just had to blog about it! Hans has been regularly attending the Real Food Market in Southbank London which is going great! Lots of regular customers and I highly recommending heading there the weekend before Christmas to stock up on teas and get any last minute stocking fillers you need! So with Hans down in London, Pawel and I headed to Donington Park for the Great Taste Festival of Food and Drink. The Saturday was great (if a little bit chilly!), we brewed up some Spiced Chai and Citrus Ginger and everyone enjoyed their samples.

    great taste festival donington All set up in Donington Park

    On the Sunday morning a slightly stressed looking chef showed up at our stand explaining that the Fabulous Baker Brothers who were due to start a demo in half an hour were in need of some tea! They needed the tea to smoke trout with and so I knew we had the perfect product to give them! Lapsang Souchong Tea Cubed of course!

    Lapsang Souchong Tea Cubed Lapsang Souchong Tea Cubed

    Delighted, the chef took the tea promising that the boys would come over to the stand after their demo! I was curious how they would use the tea so I sneaked over to the demo but I was a few minutes too late to see them using it but when I asked a bystander they told me that the boys loved the tea! So I went back to the stand and lo and behold Henry and Tom showed up with festive reindeer antlers on their heads! They explained how they smoked the trout with our tea and loved the concept of Tea Cubed. It sounded delicious and if you want to check out the recipe follow this link…

    Pawel and I with Henry and Tom! Pawel and I with Henry and Tom!

    I was a bit star struck I have to say but it was a real pat on the back to know they liked the tea and to learn more ways tea can be used in cooking. We even got a tweet from Henry today thanking us for the tea!

    I would love to hear some more tea recipes or your thoughts on the Baker Brothers!

  • Tea of the Month: Spiced Chai Tea

    This month we have chosen our new Spiced Chai tea to be our tea of the month.

    I know I seem a little bit obsessed with this tea but it's just so perfect to drink at this time of the year that I can't get enough of it.

    The ingredients in this tea are quite traditional for a Chai and consist of: Assam, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Red Peppercorn and Fennel Seeds. You can see all the ingredients in the photo below...


    Spiced Chai Tea Beautiful Spiced Chai!

    The flavours come together to create a warming, spiced brew with a sweet kick.

    My favourite way to brew this tea is by making a Chai Latte and you can read about that here.

    Chai Latte

    We have also used our Spiced Chai tea to make our own version of a Hot Toddy...well it's like a Hot Toddy crossed with a Mulled Wine - we call it Mulled Orange Chai and it is sooooo tasty. We serve it hot too so it's amazing now the frosts are creeping in! We have a few other tea recipes too.

    Read more about this tea and try it for yourself here.

    Thanks for reading,


  • A very tea weekend!

    Hey tea lovers,

    How are you all doing?

    We are all a little bit sleepy today because we had such a busy weekend! You know I mentioned a little while ago that we would be on the road more often so we could share our love of whole leaf tea with the nation well I didn't expect the four of us to be in 3 different locations all at the same time! Continue reading

  • How to make homemade Chai Latte

    Woohoo the day has come for us to officially launch our 3 new teas! Introducing...

    Spiced ChaiASSAM TGFOP and First Flush Darjeeling!

    Today I am going to focus on our lovely new Spiced Chai by explaining how to make your own Chai Latte at home! Continue reading

  • Tea of the Month: October 2013

    This month we are celebrating the amazing, award winning Citrus Ginger as our tea of the month!

    Ok, I know it's already been tea of the month this year but we voted and everyone here at LuLin Teas thinks cold season is upon us and so constant pots of Citrus Ginger are being brewed to help us fight off the nasty sniffles!

    citrus ginger caffeine free


    Continue reading

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