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Yellow Tips

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This yellow tea is made from the same tea plant as our Mao Feng green tea but the leaves are picked a lot earlier. The small leaves brew to develop a light and refreshing peppery taste.
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Yellow Tips Loose

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Yellow Tips Description

This yellow tea is from the Anhui Province of China and is picked during the spring tea harvest once a year. Our Yellow Tips have a more intense flavour than our other white teas so it’s not as delicate but the brew is just as refreshing. The peppery flavour gives it a kick that you wouldn’t expect from a Yellow/White Tea.

The tea brews to a light green colour which makes some people question whether it is a yellow tea or a green tea. Huang Ya is a yellow tea as it has an extra processing step compared to green tea processing. Instead of being dried straight away, yellow teas are gently heated in a humid environment to allow oxidation to occur. The end result for this tea is a refreshing peppery taste that is (as with many yellow teas) quite subtle. There is no bitterness to this tea and the taste can be described as being smooth and sweet.

Huangya was originally an Imperial Tribute Tea during the Ming Dynasty but only recently regained popularity in the 1970’s when the process used to make the tea was rediscovered by 3 tea masters.
Quick Facts
Other names:
Country of Origin:  China
Region:  Anhui
Taste:  Fresh
Time of day:  Anytime
Range:  Single Estate
Caffeine level:  Low
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