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White Tea

White tea is non-fermented and made from the youngest leaves of all the teas. Once the leaves are picked they undergo outdoor wilting before being baked, lightly rolled and then dried. White tea is high in anti-oxidants which is the reason it can be linked to many health benefits such as boosting your immune system. White teas are some of the most delicate teas available in China.

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  1. Silver Needle

    Silver Needle

    From £12.50

    The world’s most prestigious white tea made using only the young buds from the Camellia Sinensis, ready to be picked for only a few days each spring. This tea has a delicate and sweet taste and is packed full of anti-oxidants.
  2. Loose Jasmine Silver Needle

    Jasmine Silver Needle

    From £12.50

    Made using the highly sought after White Silver Needle Tea, naturally scented with Jasmine Flowers picked in season. Resulting in a white tea that is still delicate but with a bit more of a punch.

    The floral notes hit you first followed by the delicate fruity undertones of the silver needle base. This fragrant tea is extremely popular because to be completely blunt, it tastes awesome. That’s all there is to it. It’s delicious and jam packed with anti-oxidants – you can’t ask for more than that!

  3. Loose white peony

    White Peony

    From £6.95

    A well rounded White Tea with a delicate aroma and a smooth finish. It has a slightly stronger taste than White Silver Needle making it a great introduction to the wonderful world of white tea.
  4. Loose white puerh

    White Puerh

    From £11.95

    Wonderfully sweet and fragrant white tea, coming from trees which are over a thousand years old. It comprises only of the tenderest buds, which are picked very early in the season.

    While the taste is sweet there is still an earthy wet feel to it creating quite a nice balance in the brew. To us this tea is perfect for a meditative state as the balance in the tea can be transferred to your daily life. 

  5. Yellow Tips Loose

    Yellow Tips

    From £7.95

    This yellow tea is made from the same tea plant as our Mao Feng green tea but the leaves are picked a lot earlier. The small leaves brew to develop a light and refreshing peppery taste.
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