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Yunnan Tuo Puerh Tea

Other names: Mini Puer, Pu er, Pu-ehr, Puehr, Tuo Cha

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These mini compressed teacakes are made from an earthy Puerh tea. The dark brown cake will break apart in the water and brew a golden brown in colour with a balanced taste and slightly bitter edge.

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Small Caddy (50g)
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Yunnan Tuo Tea

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Yunnan Tuo Puerh Tea Description

Dark brown, puerh tea leaves compressed into a mini teacake, which unfurls to brew a dark gold infusion. It has a rich, full aroma with a typically slightly earthy Puerh aftertaste. 

All Puerh is grown in Yunnan which means South of the Clouds, the most south-western province in China and this teacake is no exception. Post-fermentation must take place in the leaves for it to be classed as Puerh, for this to happen a microbial fermentation process is carried after they are dried and rolled. 

Puerh tea has been associated with a number of different health benefits including the reduction of blood cholesterol, anti ageing and counteracting the negative effects of heavy alcohol consumption. However it is perhaps most famous for its weight loss properties and is often sold in conjuction with weight loss plans such as the ‘puerh diet’ that suggests drinking one cup of Puerh with every meal to help speed up metabolism and aid weight loss.

Quick Facts
Other names:
Country of Origin:  China
Region:  Yunnan
Taste:  Fragrant
Time of day:  Morning
Range:  Single Estate
Caffeine level:  High
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