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Sunshine Rainbow

Other names: Flowering Tea, Blooming Tea

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These extraordinary balls of green tea will open to reveal Globe Amaranth and Marigold once submerged in water. The green tea is complimented by the floral tastes creating a brew as delicious as it is beautiful.

You know that moment when the rain has just stopped and the sun is popping it’s head out from behind the clouds and you catch a glimpse of the most amazing rainbow you’ve ever seen? That’s basically this tea. It’s hard not to enjoy it.

Small Caddy (50g)
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Sunshine Rainbow

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Sunshine Rainbow Description

Blooming Teas are made by hand sewing green tea leaves (harvested in the spring) around different combinations of dried flowers. Once the balls are submerged in near boiling water they will slowly open up to reveal the flowers inside. 

Sunshine Rainbow contains Globe Amaranth and Marigold. The flowers create an enchanting bouquet in the pot, with a yellow green infusion, and a pronounced floral aroma. 

Globe Amaranth – Beneficial for the recovery of asthma, bronchitis and coughs 
Marigold - Antiseptic and detoxifying properties 

Flowering tea balls can normally be steeped a few times and it is best to steep them in a glass teapot so that you can watch the ball open and the flower emerge.

Quick Facts
Other names:
Country of Origin:  China
Region:  Fujian Province
Taste:  Floral
Time of day:  Afternoon
Range:  Single Estate
Caffeine level:  Low
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