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Breakfast Blend No.1

Other names: English Breakfast Black Tea

Our unique Breakfast Tea that we have blended to LuLin Teas high standards. It has the characteristic strong taste from a breakfast tea that is not too overwhelming and tastes great with milk.

If you have fuzzy brain syndrome in the morning, a cup of this will sort you out! Trust us; we drink it every day!

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Breakfast Blend No.1 Loose

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This blend is made from an Assam TGFOP, a Sri Lankan Dimbula and LuLin Teas Single Estate Keemun black tea. We tried a few different breakfast blends before we decided on this one. It is the first Breakfast Black tea that we have had created and is an instant favourite with all who try it. A real shelf staple, this black tea is malty, strong, not too perfumed and goes great with milk for your morning brew or as an afternoon pick me up. Only available in refill pouches at this time.
  1. tasty tea Review by Gordon
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    A nice breakfast tea although could maybe be a bit stronger so I tend to drink it in the afternoons.

    Great though and good with milk! So much better than the rubbish in a teabag!! (Posted on 13/06/2013)

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Brewing Guide:

Add 3g of tea to a teapot and steep with boiling water. Steep for 4-7 minutes according to taste. Can be re-steeped.

"I think the best breakfast blends have a more pure tea taste without a discernible foreground flavor. This tea fits in that category."

 Reviewed by Melanie on

"The aroma of the dry leaf is earthy and sweet, with hints of leather and a very subtle note of fruit in the distance. The fragrance of the brewed tea has much of the same qualities, although I notice that the sweetness takes on a caramel-y sort of scent.

The flavor is bold yet it has an uplifting briskness to it.  It’s very invigorating without tasting too heavy.  It is sweet with subtle notes of malt that meld nicely with the caramel undertone.  The flavor is rich and has a sort of “bake-y” quality that is reminiscent of freshly baked bread.  I notice a great deal of complexity within this “baked bread” kind of flavor … I notice a roasted kind of flavor that gives off an almost “smoky” kind of essence.  It is faint, but it’s there … I also notice earthy notes.

By mid-cup, I start to notice a fruity taste start to develop.  It is somewhat citrus-y, and I pick up on this flavor toward the finish and it lingers into the aftertaste.

This is a very pleasant Breakfast Blend!  I really enjoyed it."

Reviewed by


"I take a sip and I am instantly joyed with the full-bodied malty, refreshing flavour. This tea reminds me of my first cup of English tea which was very flavour some.

If you are looking for a suitable everyday tea then this certainly is worth a try, like I said its light, malty, refreshing and a tad smokey."

Reviewed by

"This was pretty good. It was of medium-strong strength. There were woodsy notes as well as a mild ‘caravan’ like flavor underneath, too. A little brash but not overly.

Heavier black tea flavor in the middle of the sip. My favorite part of the sip is this middle part! Dandy!"

Reviewed by TeaEqualsBliss on

Quick Facts
Other names:
Country of Origin:  Various
Region:  Various
Taste:  Fragrant
Time of day:  Morning
Range:  Blended Tea
Caffeine level:  Medium
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