Rooibos is the closest caffeine-free alternative to black tea, and can be drunk with or without milk.  It has a earthy, naturally sweetish, nutty aroma.  It comes from the Western Cape of South Africa, and is also known as Red Bush.  It is also packed full of amazing health benefits.

Chocolate Cinnamon Rooibos
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Guilt-free & caffeine-free dessert tea
Orange Earl Grey
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Delicious, sweet and reviving caffeine-free Earl Grey
Rooibos Spiced Chai
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Cosy and warming caffeine-free chai
Pure Rooibos
£ 1.80 £ 1.80 1.8 GBP
Natural sweetness with a nutty taste